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    LaJoya BiuBiu in Pantai Balangan

  • Uluwatu Cottages

    Amazing Cliffside Resort overlooking the sea

  • Book a Beach Villa

    Discover the South Kuta Coastline

  • Live the Dream

    Book a cliff-side cabin or eco-loft at LaJoya BiuBiu

  • Garden Bungalow Cabins by the SeaShore

    LaJoya Balangan Cabins on Airbnb

    Eco-lodge cabins by the sea

    Garden cabins in the Balinese countryside leading up to the ocean. Beautiful resort setting with incredible beach setting.

    LaJoya Biu Biu cabins on Balangan beach

    Budget friendly eco-lofts with a private beach

    Incredible eco-rooms on the edge of cliff overtaking the sea. Incredible find on the edge of paradise.

  • The Alchemist

    TreeHouse Eco-Village by the SeaShore

    TreeHouses and Comfort

    Cozy Eco-Village with beautifully designed treehouses

    Luxury in the TreeTops

    Incredible wood cabins in a treehouse village by the sea

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