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Who visits Padang Padang and Uluwatu beach?

The guests we've seen over two years of hosting

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it.”
Anonymous, Holy Bible: King James Version
In a typically slow month in January, we hosted 72 guest from 18 cities via the Airbnb app. Wayana and I have been hosts on Airbnb for 2 years now and we've seen guest from over 30 different countries.
We've met a wide spectrum of humanity and in our listings we have hosted
  • tech millionaires from Los Angeles
  • career couples from Silicon Valley
  • Indian honeymooners from Mumbai
  • Brazilian surfers
  • Chinese guest attending a friend's wedding
  • Rock stars from Iceland 
  • Young German aristocrats from Munich
  • Singaporean weekenders looking for a beach get-away
Our guests from Melbourne, Australia. They came to attend a wedding and worked in the film industry. 
Hanging out with some guest at the Single Fin Sunday party. Once a week, all the locals and visitors gather at this cliff-top bar to listen to live music and drink beer. The nightlife rocks.
I think fundamentally Wayana and I like people. We get pretty lonely and bored if we're just by ourselves. A steady parade of guests through our properties refreshes the scene and gives us the feeling of traveling without actually going anywhere. 
Every guest is different and we're constantly learning about new people and culture through hosting.  We have noticed some common ideas that bring people to visit our area of Bali. 
  • Love of clean beaches with incredible waves
  • The pursuit of uncrowded waves and beaches
  • The dread of Kuta, package tourism and the congestion that blemishes Seminyak 
  • The opportunity to try riding a motorbike, surfing a longboard or climbing down a cliff to find hidden beaches
Here are a few guests that struck as a being particularly interesting and stuck in our minds long after they checked out. 
  • The Chinese couple that asked us to be witnesses at their wedding within 10 minutes of checking in. Apparently none of their family and friends had been invited and we spontaneously organized a wedding dinner and attended the ceremony at a local chapel. An incredibly intimate experience. Wayana and I felt honored. 
  • One of my first guests, an young Indian man who had recently gotten a job in Singapore. Later, our paths crossed again when I went over to work in Singapore myself for a year. 
  • A group of German teens who had rented one of our most expensive villas in Nusa Dua and taught us Bavarian drinking songs and lulled us into fanciful plans of visiting them again for Oktoberfest. 
  • The jet-lagged San Francisco lady who was between jobs and had spent 24 hours on a flight, 2 hours through immigration and looked in need of a good rest.  We didn't talk much but later her review was so glowing that we couldn't help feeling proud. 
One of our guests actually got married a day after they checked into our cottages. They invited us to be witnesses at their wedding. 
In the years to come, we hope to host more and more travelers to Bali. We hope that they'll bring back stories about our area and maybe even a few fond memories of us as well.  
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