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Top Beaches in the Uluwatu area

Which beach is right for you?

A local's take on Bali's best beaches
As a host on Airbnb, I get to visit beaches on a daily basis.  As a good hospitality practioner, I like to make sure our guests get the most out of their stay in our area.  Many travelers have told us that it's never obvious where to go in Bali and sometimes they get that nagging feeling that there's somewhere else better to go.  I guess you could call it Bali FOMO. Well, I thought we should give a few locals tips on things to do in the Uluwatu area. Hopefully, all our guest will get the best experience out of their trip. 
I think some beaches are more suitable to folks with a stronger sense of adventure and some beaches are better for visitors who are looking for nice, chill-out beaches
Hanging out with guests for some grilled seafood on the beach
Here's us with some Airbnb guests staying at The Brothers. We just got some lunch in Jimbaran at Cafe Menega, our favourite seafood place in Bali. 
We try and meet each guest for a bit and get a sense of what they like and what their plans for the day are. If the guest is open and adventurous, I'll point out that we have Padang Padang beach.  It's a nice sandy beach where "Eat, Pray, Love" was filmed. The beach is just a short five minute walk from The Brothers Villa. Our surf bungalows didn't exist at the time, but if we did, I'm sure Julia Roberts might have considered, however briefly, to stay with us. Or maybe at least her cameramen, extras and rigging operators.  Who knows? 
Padang Padang Beach
Padang Padang beach during peak season can get a bit crowded, but the water and sand are of a much higher quality than Kuta & Seminyak
Filming of Eat, Pray, Love at Padang Padang beach
On the way to meet a guest. I'm probably the only person on the beach wearing jeans now. 
Padang Padang beach has an interesting access entrance through the split in a rock wall. The beach is relatively small for the beaches in the Uluwatu area. It's a wedge of beach with a dramatic concrete bridge spanning over it. It does get crowded from time to time, and the tour buses have been showing up ever since the movie was filmed here. 
Our guest Jon getting through a narrow entrance through a rock cave to Padang Padang beach
If I get the feeling that a guest is a possibly ready for further adventure, then I'll usually suggest visiting Suluban.  Suluban is also a great beach, home to the now legendary Single Fin Sunday Surfer parties.  Of course, everyone who's not a surfer also shows up, so don't feel too abashed if you don't surf. 
Suluban beach is perfect for swimming on day with calm waters.  A natural swimming pool forms between the beach and reef.
Sometimes I'll get a guest who will really impress me with their energy and zest for life. This guest is looking for the best and most meaningful experiences in my neighborhood.  I will then relinquish the directions to my favorite beach, Bingin.
Why is Bingin so awesome?  Because it's a beach centered around a community of people who enjoyed living and going to beaches.  Bingin is not about money or luxury, privilege or exclusivity.  If you're staying around Bingin, chances are that most places have no hot water, no AC and a slow internet connection. But then again, when you're in paradise, less is more. 
things to do in Bingin beach
Fisherman come dock in the morning to offload fish and squid harvested from the Indian Ocean the night before at Bingin beach
If you're standing in Bingin, you probably deserve to be there. It meant trusting a local's tip, navigating through an unlikely maze of forest, blind corners, alleys, and toll-booth trolls.  Your reward magically appears in the form of the most amazing beach in Bali.  The beach is a long stretch of golden sand, with a shallow reef break and simple, bohemian restaurants that serve cheap food and beer on the sand.   Bingin remains pristine in the winter months when Kuta and Seminyak beaches are awash in plastic and trash. Gladly absent on Bingin beach are the mass hordes of package tourists waving selfie-sticks and plastered on their mobile phones. 
Chilling out at Warung Ombak Bingin. Great views of the coastline from this family run warung. The food is in surfer portions, tasty and very filling. 
The view of Bingin beach from atop Kembang Kuning bungalows. 
For my best guests, I always recommend Bingin. Our favorite beach in Bali. I think it's still a secret for the time being but with so much happening in the Padang Padang area, I think it's a matter of time before this beach will see it's fair share of visitors as well. 
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