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Guide to other local beaches

never miss out on the best of Bali's south beaches

The South Kuta region of Bali has charmed and delighted generations of visitors. The pearly golden sand, limestone cliffs, incredible coastline and challenging surf have been a treasure for adventurous travellers looking for something off the beaten path. Although recently, we've been known as South Kuta, in a large part due to Google Maps, our traditional name for this area has been the Bukit region. "Bukit" means hill in Indonesian. 
Bingin Beach
Bingin beach is about a five to ten minute ride from Padang Padang beach and The Brothers. It's a lot less crowded than our nearest beach and has a hidden spot feel to it. The sand is warm and soft, the crowds are a lot thinner than at most of the popular beaches of Padang Padang, Balangan or Suluban. The surf is legendary. This is where we as locals go to the beach. 
Soft white sands of Bingin beach. From here you have the beautiful coastline and a clear view of Dreamland.
Entrance to Bingin beach. Get ready for 188 steps down to the beach. 
There's a lot of stairs to get to the sand, but the views over the turquoise bay and barrel waves are pretty spectacular.
Bingin is a chill, laid back beach. There's a few vendors selling food. Some guys renting surf boards. A small surf school. You don't have vendors in your face trying to sell you ice cream, Bintang shirts or 'transport'
Sunsets here are magical. The majestic tropical sun falling right over the Indian ocean. 
Big frangipani blossoms mix with the ocean breezes for an incredible ocean perfumed hillside. 
Balangan has always been favoured by surfers for it's consistent left barrels. I find Balangan to look like the tropical beach of a lost time in Bali. It's the tropical beach of golden, sand, blue waters and swaying palm trees. No tall buildings. No discos. Just beach and beach and a cool gypsy, bohemian vibe. 
Crisp golden sand and tropical blue waters.
Balangan is in a protected cove. There's a secret temple located in that rocky headland at the north end of the beach. Apparently some good fishing as well. The locals enjoy fishing from the cliffs.
Balangan has a friendly, chilled vibe. 
Spend a day in the sun and sand. Rent an umbrella from one of the local beach shacks and cozy up for a nap or do some holiday reading.
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