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A visit to Uluwatu Temple

No monkey business

For visitors to our area in Padang Padang, the two most common "things to do" are:
  1. Visit the beaches and go surfing
  2. See Uluwatu Temple and the Kecak Dance
A lot of people come to visit the temple and on some days it can get pretty crowded. However, it's still a legit attraction and as a Hindu myself, it remains a very important place of worship. From time to time, we'll bring guests over to visit the temple ourselves.  
Putting on our sarongs and kebayas, we go visit Uluwatu temple for prayer offerings on Kuningan, a major Balinese holiday. We brought our friend along for the journey. 
The temple is open from as early at 8:00 am and closes after the Kecak dance finishes in the evening at 8pm. There's a small fee that you pay for the temple parking and again at the front gate.  All visitors must wear a sarong and sash. It's part of temple etiquette. 
Uluwatu temple is a religious landmark and draws Hindu pilgrims from all over Bali. 
Here's a few photos of us in our sarongs and sashes, standard temple attire in Bali. 
These are the cliffs on the south side of the temple. 
Cliffs on the north side of the temple. 
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